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Serving size - 4 burfis

Preparation time - 2 minutes

Cooking time - 3 minutes



3 minutes Microwave coconut burfi is my recipe name. Without sweets the festival is incomplete.  IT is festival season right. So I thought of sharing easy and authentic sweet recipe. You can prepare this dish within 3 minutes. Let us go to the easy and quick recipe.


Shredded coconut – ½ cup
Sugar – ½ cup
Water – 2 tbsp
Ghee – ¼ tsp (optional)
Cardamom  powder – a pinch
Almonds and pistachio  are optional. I din’t use. Because my little one doesn’t like nuts. J


Take sugar, cardamom powder and water in a microwave safe bowl and keep it for a minute.

(sugar syrup is ready once it started boiling. One string consistency is good but not important.)

Add ghee and shredded coconut to the sugar syrup and keep it for 2 more minutes. Stir it every one minute.

Once the coconut is fully mixed with sugar syrup, should leaves its side and goes to thicker consistency. The stage is perfect to pour the coconut mixture into the greased pan or vessel.

Garnish it with almonds and pistachio.

Allow it to cool for 5 to 10 minutes. Make them into pieces.

After  15 minutes, remove it from the pan and keep it in the air tight container.


  1. If you eat this coconut burfi after 1 or 2 hours it will be more good to taste.
  2. You can use fresh shredded coconut or frozen shredded coconut. 
  3. If you use frozen shredded coconut, make sure it should be in room temperature.
  4. If you use fresh shredded coconut, make sure to grind slightly in the mixie. Don't make it into paste, just half a round. That is it.

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  1. wow yasho thats awesome
    i had been trying to make tht coconut barfi since ages

    u hvnt given what temp to keep ?
    i m goin to tryh this soon

    1. Thanks aunty :)

      I don't know about temperatures and all. Here nothing like that.

      I kept it in the normal mode. That is it.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Divy!!! I already sent Divy.. Go and check at your door.. Courier man is waiting go go go dear :))))

  3. this looks so yummy and love the fact that you have made it in microwave, interesting

  4. oh wow....yummy...Love this Yasho!!! Parcel pls:)

  5. thank u so much for linking this to our event dear

    60 Days to Christmas
    Cook like Priya

  6. That's quite interesting! Barfi in 3 minutes.Looks yumm

  7. wow that is a quicker version... should try it sometime... Thanks for linking it to my event!! Looking for more yummy recipes!!
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