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Serving size – 15 to 20 

SNC challenge - 2

I'm going to link this recipe with Divya Pramil's SNC Event which is conducted on her blog youtoocancookindianfood.

This is the second challenge from our South team to North team bloggers. I'm posting this "Adhirasam"  as challenge to North team friends on behalf of our south team friends

South team friends, check out Pallavi Purani's blog for posting her challenge to our South team!!!!

If you have any doubts, email me  I am always ready to help you.

Adhirasam is a South Indian sweet dish which is a festival delight. It plays a vital role on many festival days. It is presented as prasadham for the God. It is prepared from ground rice and jaggery. You can enjoy this yummy yummy recipe by the following ingredients and method. 



Raw rice - 2 cups
Jaggery / Brown sugar - 1 cup
cardamom powder - a pinch
Water -1/4 cup
Milk - 5 or 6 tsp (optional)
Ghee - 1 or 2 tsp (optional)


Soak rice for 1 or 2 hours. Drain it from water.

Do not dry it completely, it should be moisture moderately. Grind them into powder and should be neither coarse nor fine.  

Add jaggery and water in the heavy bottomed vessel. Allow them to boil. 

Add cardamom powder and allow the syrup should be thicker which is in one string consistency.

How to check syrup consistency? 

If you drop the syrup in the cold water, it should not dissolve in the water. It should sit down on the bottom like the following picture.

Remove it from the stove. After few minutes add rice flour slowly and stir well until you get soft dough. It should be in the consistency of chapatthi dough. NOTE : Stir continuously while adding flour. Don’t add flour at a time.

While mixing rice flour, if you wish you can add ghee for good taste. 

You can do adhirasam immediately. But if you do it after 1 or 2 days or atleast after 8 to 10 hours, it will be very soft as well as tasty.

Heat oil for deep fry. Take a plastic paper or aluminium foil or banana leaf and apply oil on it.

Take small lemon sized dough and keep it on the greased foil. Dip your fingers in the oil and flatten the dough. NOTE: Don’t flatten the dough too thin. If it should be thick, it will be softer otherwise it goes crispy.

Take the flatten dough out from the foil and drop gently into the heated oil. Fry both the sides until it should be brown.

Remove adhirasam from the oil and squeeze the excess oil by pressing flat bottomed bowl on the adhirasam.

Repeat last 3 steps for the whole dough.


If you make adhirasam in the jaggery, it will be like the follow picture. Some do not like jaggery. Instead you can use brown sugar (Like seppu sakkarai),  to my point jaggery will give you very good taste.

If you make adhirasam using brown sugar, it will be like the below picture.

Rice may vary place to place.  Don't concentrate on the quantity of rice flour to the jaggery syrup, concentrate only on the consistency of the adirasam dough.

So please keep extra rice flour handy. If you reach the consistency, before adding the measured rice flour, don't worry. please stop adding remaining rice flour too.

After a day, if the dough becomes thick, add little milk or buttermilk to the dough and mix well. You will get the exact consistency of chappathi dough.


  1. Delicious sweet!!!Very clear explanation... All the best to all our friends!!! Happy hosting yasho...

  2. mamma mia.. again syrup consistency

    this looks harder to me.
    ok what does this taste like and is it supposed to be like poori or some hard or soft thing

    i hv to mail u on this

    tough challenge

    1. It is not like poori. It is soft. IF you do any mistake in syrup, it will spoil whole adhirasam.

      Aunty don't scold me. This idea is given by baby boss :)

  3. Hey Yash perfect work dear :) I love adhirasams and thanks for the effort :) Am sure Meenu is going to cry about the syrup consistency ha ha ha :) But really lovely sweet am sure the Northern members are gonna love it after tasting :)
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    1. Thanks dear :) Yep aunty is pity :) she is worrying a lot.

      But I hope aunty will do it super tasty and she will start loving this adhirasam :)

  4. hey yasho so good athirasam nice effort dear.... great challenge...

  5. A good Choice for SNC Yashoda! got them perfectly!

  6. A good Choice for SNC Yashoda! got them perfectly!

  7. Wow! Thanks,Me also going to try.Looks yummy.

  8. Good job to have this when others make...For me its a bit tough on syrup part...
    Good luck for Northern friends...

    1. Thanks Tamil !!!! Come to my home, I'll serve for you :)

  9. This looks lovely.. and definitely challenging..:) Looking forward to prepare this.. a completely new dish for me..:)

  10. U have made them perfect.. would love some now

  11. this is very new for me......again sweet challenge....looks so tempting.....

    1. Thanks !! Yep!!! Try it, you will like it very much!!

  12. yummy to have this always...nice step by step explanation.

  13. I had them 3yrs back in chennai..n simply loved it !!
    surely gonna try them today....
    including this in karwachauth special delicacies :)
    thnx for guidance for recipe !

  14. yasho done i hope i linked up correct
    chk it out and tell me

  15. hi yashodha :) yummy looking adhirasam's :) am new to snc n in north team :) love this is recipe :) will link this recipe soon :)

    1. Welcome Manju!!! Thank you. Sure .. we are eagerly waiting for your recipe

  16. u have mentioned to rest it for i or 2 day right ? it shd be stored in refrigerator or at room temperature ?

  17. just completed my challenge :)

  18. Lovely recipe !! On my list to prepare for SNC :D :D


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